Chinese Horoscope 2014Jan 31, 2014 » Year of the Wood Horse


This January 31st marks the beginning of the Year of the Wood Horse in Chinese Astrology. The Wood (Yin) and Horse (Yang) will make it a potent year. Here's what you should know »


2014 Year of the Horse Chinese Astrology      Horse is active, muscular and strong. One of the best traits of the horse and 2014 will be your ability to move about with agility - from project to project, place to place and idea to idea. Don’t be afraid to investigate and drive like a galloping horse towards new goals! At the same time, the horse is very Yang and in its excitement and drive, can burn itself out quickly. This can be at the expense of the horse itself as well as its family. Similar to those with the rising sign (lagna) of Capricorn or the Moon in Capricorn, horse has an element of being aggressive and fixated. Horse, unbalanced and provoked, will use this aggression to feed into fixation, causing an endless loop of struggle. It is at this point that the chi of the horse becomes depleted and can even cause the horse to fall over in utter exhaustion. Then, the horse will need to once again chill, graze and when their chi stores are high, they can again move forward. Keeping a steady pace is essential this year! Don’t overload and exhausting yourself. Horse forgets that one of its biggest assets is its ability move quickly with agility and dexterity. When fixation of strength is put above dexterity, it loses both.

      A horse can get to its destination quickly but unfortunately can burn out quickly too. A horse is so connected to its drive ability and speed that it will charge too hard. Make sure to pace yourself in 2014. American Indians knew this quality of the horse. As soon as a horse would show signs of fatigue, they would find water and let the horse graze until it bucked again and had chi again.

2014 year of the horse      The horse represents expediency, success and reaching a goal that it has in mind. A smart horse knows its own limits and how to maximize its power and strength. It does this through pacing itself. At regular intervals, the horse needs to stop itself and reflect. In 2014, make sure to give yourself time either once a week or if your schedule allows, once a day, to stop, breathe deeply and allow time for reflection and introspection. Amma, in Her infinite wisdom, has advocated countless times, to keep a daily journal; at the end of the day, log the choices and decisions that lead to success and those that caused either failure, frustration or were generally poor. Doing this every day we can begin to notice behavior patterns. Leaving the patterns that do not serve us behind, we move more and more to becoming healers, both to ourselves and to the world around us.

      Wood is naturally Yin while horse is naturally Yang, making 2014 a Yang Yin year. This causes an interesting dynamic that is very important to explore! This is actually a very secret concept and really is the whole crux of what the Year Of The Wood Horse embodies. People sometimes mistake that because a tree is hard, it is Yang. This isn't true. The predominant quality of Yin which makes up of Wood, causes it to be flexible, not allowing it to snap even in a strong wind. It has life giving sap – the water element – flowing up its trunk. This is what makes wood Yin. A tree is yielding Chinese Astrology 2014and can withstand wind, rain, ice and snow. Being able to ‘flow’ makes wood stronger than if it were rigid. Wood that is dry and brittle is Yang wood; this wood is non-yielding. In 2014, make it a point to stay fresh, flowing with life’s turns and curves. If you are buried up to your nose, fixated like a horse in projects, no problem – just make sure to stop occasionally, breath and check the scenery. Go into your heart chakra and fill it with Prana. A Yang Horse, made out of Yin Wood, yields to being overly aggressive. Make sure to practice checking in with yourself occasionally, noticing this subtle observance – run with the power of a horse but yield and flow with what life gives you. If you are tired, graze for a bit and drink water, laugh with your friends and stare at the stars, then when your chi reserves are full - gallop again.



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